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Ajouté le 15/12/2017

We completely characterize the finite dimensional subsets A of any separable Hilbert space for which the notion of A-hypercyclicity coincides with the notion of hypercyclicity, where an operator T on a topological vector space X is said to be A-hypercyclic if the set {T n x, n ≥ 0, x ∈ A} is dense in X. We give a partial description for non necessarily finite dimensional subsets.

Ajouté le 14/12/2017

AbstractBackgroundThe literature offers competing estimates of disease costs, with each study having its own data and methods. In 2007, the Dutch Center for Public Health Forecasting of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment provided guidelines that can be used to set up cost-of-illness (COI) studies, emphasising that most COI analyses have trouble accounting for comorbidity in their cost estimations.

Ajouté le 14/12/2017

Helicopter Ground Resonance is a dynamic instability involving the coupling of the blades motion in the rotational plane (i.e. the lag motion) and the motion of the fuselage. This paper presents a study of the capacity of a Nonlinear Energy Sink to control a Helicopter Ground Resonance. A model of helicopter with a minimum number of degrees of freedom that can reproduce Helicopter Ground Resonance instability is ob- tained using successively Coleman transformation and binormal transformation.

Ajouté le 13/12/2017

In order to improve their MS/MS sequencing, structure of sequence-controlled synthetic polymers can be optimized based on considerations regarding their fragmentation behavior in collision-induced dissociation conditions, as demonstrated here for two digitally encoded polymer families. In poly(triazole amide)s, the main dissociation route proceeded via cleavage of the amide bond in each monomer, hence allowing the chains to be safely sequenced.

Ajouté le 12/12/2017

Let $s_2(x)$ denote the number of digits ``$1$'' in a binary expansion of any $x \in \mathbb{N}$. We study the mean distribution $\mu_a$ of the quantity $s_2(x+a)-s_2(x)$ for a fixed positive integer $a$.

Ajouté le 12/12/2017

In this paper we prove a central limit theorem for some probability measures defined as asymtotic densities of integer sets defined via sum-of-digit-function. To any integer a we can associate a measure on Z called µa such that, for any d, µa(d) is the asymptotic density of the set of integers n such that s_2(n + a) − s_2(n) = d where s_2(n) is the number of digits " 1 " in the binary expansion of n. We express this probability measure as a product of matrices.

Ajouté le 12/12/2017

In this short note, we study the behaviour of a product of matrices with a simultaneous renormalization. Namely, for any sequence $(A_n)_{n\in \mathbb{N}}$ of $d\times d$ complex matrices whose mean $A$ exists and whose norms' means are bounded, the product $\left(I_d + \frac1n A_0 \right) \dots \left(I_d + \frac1n A_{n-1} \right) $ converges towards $\exp{A}$.

Ajouté le 12/12/2017

Iterative Fast Fourier Transform methods are useful for calculating the fields in composite materials and their macroscopic response. By iterating back and forth until convergence, the differential constraints are satisfied in Fourier space, and the constitutive law in real space. The methods correspond to series expansions of appropriate operators and to series expansions for the effective tensor as a function of the component moduli.

Ajouté le 11/12/2017

In this paper, a new plastic potential for porous solids with von Mises perfectly-plastic matrix containing spherical cavities is derived using a rigorous limit analysis approach. For stress-triaxialities different from 0 and ±∞, the dilatational response depends on the signs of the mean stress and the third invariant of the stress deviator. The classic Gurson potential is an upper-bound of the new criterion.

Ajouté le 07/12/2017

In this paper we study the phase transition of continuum Widom-Rowlinson measures in $\mathbb{R}^d$ with $q$ types of particles and random radii. Each particle $x_i$ of type $i$ is marked by a random radius $r_i$ distributed by a probability measure $Q_i$ on $\mathbb{R}^+$. The particles of same type do not interact each other whereas particles $x_i$ and $x_j$ with different type $i \neq j$ interact via an exclusion hardcore interaction forcing $r_i+r_j$ to be smaller than $|x_i-x_j|$.