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Ajouté le 21/09/2019

Le pourcentage de personnes en situation de handicap poursuivant leurs études jusqu'à un diplôme de niveau I est très faible en France. Parallèlement, les entreprises perçoivent un manque d'ingénieurs informaticiens. Afin de combler cette injustice et ce besoin économique, l'Université d'Aix-Marseille et un collectif comprenant de grandes entreprises se sont associés pour créer une formation d'ingénieurs dédiée aux personnes en situation de handicap.

Ajouté le 21/09/2019

A scaled experimental protocol, in a water tank, is proposed to mimic the effects of medium heterogeneities on underwater acoustic propagation. The procedure consists in transmitting an ultrasonic wave (f = 2.25 MHz) through a RAndom Faced Acoustic Lens (RAFAL) in order to induce a spatially fluctuating sound pressure field.

Ajouté le 21/09/2019

This work proposes an algorithm allowing to perform a fast and light computation of branches of damped Nonlinear Normal Modes (dNNMs). Based on a previous work about undamped NNMs (uNNMs), it couples Proper Generalized Decomposition (PGD) features, harmonic balance and prediction-correction continuation schemes. After recalling the main contributions of the method applied on an example with cubic nonlinearities, the issue of a reduced nonlinear modal synthesis is briefly addressed.

Ajouté le 21/09/2019

In this paper, we develop Bayes and maximum a posteriori probability (MAP) approaches to monotonicity testing. In order to simplify this problem, we consider a simple white Gaussian noise model and with the help of the Haar transform we reduce it to the equivalent problem of testing positivity of the Haar coefficients.

Ajouté le 19/09/2019

Ultrasound Computed Tomography is a widely used technique for nondestructive control of materials. One application is the evaluation of the inner state of standing trees in urban areas. The quality of the tomographic image depends on several factors, such as the number of probes used and the image reconstruction algorithm.

Ajouté le 19/09/2019

We use tail expectiles to estimate alternative measures to the Value at Risk (VaR) and Marginal Expected Shortfall (MES), two instruments of risk protection of utmost importance in actuarial science and statistical finance. The concept of expectiles isa least squares analogue of quantiles. Both are M-quanti les as the minimizers of an asymmetric convex loss function, but expectiles are the only M-quantiles that are coherent risk measures.

Ajouté le 16/09/2019

3D printing technology is increasingly used in flow analysis, to develop low cost and tailor-made devices. The possibility of grafting specific molecules onto 3D printed parts offers new perspectives for the development of flow systems. In this study, a MPFS system including a dicarboxylate 1,5-diphenyl-3-thiocarbazone grafted 3D-printed device has been developed for mercury determination.

Ajouté le 14/09/2019

This paper examines how voluntary contributions to a public good are affected by the contributors' heterogeneity in beliefs about the uncertain impact of their contributions. It assumes that contributors have Savagian preferences that are represented by a two-state-dependent expected utility function and different beliefs about the benefit that will result from the sum of their contributions.

Ajouté le 13/09/2019

La présente édition du De abbatibus Montis sancti Michaelis in periculo maris est le résultat du travail d’un groupe de chercheurs de l’université de Caen Normandie. C’est le troisième volet d’un triptyque dont les deux premiers éléments, constitués par les contributions de Stéphane Lecouteux à l’étude de la rédaction du De abbatibus publiées dans la présente revue, lui servent d’introduction