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Ajouté le 19/10/2017

The characterization and estimation of the Holder regularity of random fields has long been an important topic of Probability theory and Statistics. This notion of regularity has also been widely used in Image Analysis to measure the roughness of textures. However, such a measure is often not sufficient to characterize textures as it does account for their directional properties (e.g. isotropy and anisotropy).

Ajouté le 17/10/2017

We study optimal contracts in a regulator-agent setting with joint production, altruistic and selfish agents, and uneasy outcome measurement. Such a setting represents sectors of activities such as education and health care provision. The agents and the regulator jointly produce an outcome for which they all care to some extent that is varying from agent to agent. Some agents, the altruistic ones, care more than the regulator does while others, the selfish agents, care less.

Ajouté le 17/10/2017

Errors in biomechanics simulations arise from modeling and discretization. Modeling errors are due to the choice of the mathematical model whilst discretization errors measure the impact of the choice of the numerical method on the accuracy of the approximated solution to this specific mathematical model.

Ajouté le 15/10/2017

This paper is concerned with eigenvalue problems for non-symmetric elliptic operators with large drifts in bounded domains under Dirichlet boundary conditions. We consider the minimal principal eigenvalue and the related principal eigenfunction in the class of drifts having a given, but large, pointwise upper bound.

Ajouté le 13/10/2017

Light reflection occuring at the surface of silicon wafers is drastically diminished by etching square pillars of height 110 nm and width 140 nm separated by a 100 nm gap distance in a square lattice. The design of the nanostructure is optimized to widen the spectral tolerance of the antireflective coatings over the visible spectrum for both fundamental polarizations.

Ajouté le 13/10/2017

Malgré un intérêt croissant pour les déterminants non-monétaires des comportements fiscaux (tax morale), la littérature récente apporte peu d'éléments empiriques sur le lien entre les caractéristiques de personnalité reliées à la moralité et la propension à l'évasion fiscale. Or de telles mesures sont nécessaires pour comprendre les canaux de transmission des dispositifs de lutte contre l'évasion fiscale.

Ajouté le 16/10/2017

On analyse, à l'aide des modes non-linéaires, le comportement vibratoire des structures soumises des conditions aux limites à jeu. Les applications concernent les composantes des installations de centrale nucléaire. Dans cette perspective, on considère un système à un degré de liberté avec impact unilatéral, et un système à deux degrés de liberté doté d'un contact bilatéral.

Ajouté le 12/10/2017

We fabricated and characterized three types of nanostructures for photonic applications. Gold structures were used for light filtering in the infrared spectral region as well as for molecular sensing based on nanoplasmonics. Also, we fabricated silicon nanostructures showing Mie scattering resonances in the visible and near infrared spectral regions using alkaline etching and gold structures as mask. For all structures, we compare the experimental results vs theoretical modeling.

Ajouté le 11/10/2017

The aim of the present study was to carry out a numerical comparison of different frictional contact algorithms. Therefore three different contact algorithms (Lemke, penalty and Augmented Lagrangian) have been implemented into two finite element codes. The correct implementation and behavior of these contact algorithms has been investigated by modeling four different tribological devices. It is shown that all these different methodologies lead to extremely similar results.

Ajouté le 11/10/2017

BACKGROUND: From November 2014 to November 2015, an experiment in French community pharmacies replaced traditional pre-packed boxes by per-unit dispensing of pills in the exact numbers prescribed, for 14 antibiotics. METHODS: A cluster randomised control trial was carried out in 100 pharmacies. 75 pharmacies counted out the medication by units (experimental group), the other 25 providing the treatment in the existing pharmaceutical company boxes (control group).