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Ajouté le 25/01/2021

After a brief description of humidity measurement and a short presentation of methods of microwave refractometry for evaporation flux, a new X-band refractometer system is presented. Based on a new design and a new material for the microwave cavity, it does not need calibration for refractive index variations because of its reduced thermal time constant. The new device has been combined with a sonic anemometer and traditional mean meteorological measurements on a 12-m shipborne mast.

Ajouté le 23/01/2021

Measuring Economic Growth and Productivity is not only a book on an essential topic, namely that of "growth and productivity", it is also a fabulous ensemble, bringing together contributions from many top specialists. But, in addition, it is a tribute to Dale W. Jorgenson, who has for decades been an exceptional contributor to gaining a better knowledge of the mechanisms of growth and productivity. The volume is dedicated to him.

Ajouté le 21/01/2021

The present paper reports an experimental study coupled with a numerical modelling approach to simulate masonry walls strengthened with textile-reinforced mortar (TRM). This innovative reinforcing technique is based on high-strength fibre grids embedded into inorganic matrices, and it has recently been promoted for the seismic retrofitting of historical masonry buildings.

Ajouté le 22/01/2021

Cet article entend livrer quelques réflexions sur l'usage de l'Internet pour l'apprentissage dans un domaine particulier de l'Informatique musicale : les effets audionumériques, et notamment sur la "révolution philosophique" qu'il engendre.

Ajouté le 22/01/2021

The viscoplastic behavior of polycrystalline Mg2SiO4 wadsleyite aggregates, a major high pressure phase of the mantle transition zone of the Earth (depth range: 410–520 km), is obtained by properly bridging several scale transition models.

Ajouté le 21/01/2021

The general goal of this work is to obtain upper and lower bounds for the L2-norm of biorthogonal families to complex exponential functions associated to sequences $\{ \Lambda_ k \}_{k \ge 1} \subset C$ which satisfy appropriate assumptions but without imposing a gap condition on the elements of the sequence. As a consequence, we also present new results on the cost of the boundary null controllability of parabolic systems at time $ T > 0 $.

Ajouté le 20/01/2021

Formation of multispecies communities allows nearly every niche on earth to be colonized, and the exchange of molecular information among neighboring bacteria in such communities is key for bacterial success. To clarify the principles controlling interspecies interactions, we previously developed a coculture model with two anaerobic bacteria, Clostridium acetobutylicum (Gram positive) and Desulfovibrio vulgaris Hildenborough (Gram negative, sulfate reducing).

Ajouté le 16/01/2021

Intensity and polarization are two fundamental components of light. Independently control of them is of tremendous interest in many applications. In this paper, we propose a general vectorial encryption method, which enables arbitrary far-field light distribution with the local polarization, including orientations and ellipticities, decoupling intensity from polarization across a broad bandwidth using geometric phase metasurfaces.

Ajouté le 16/01/2021

Parametric excitation of edge waves with a frequency 2 times less than the frequency of surface waves propagating perpendicular to the inclined bottom is investigated in laboratory experiments. The domain of instability on the plane of surface wave parameters (amplitude-frequency) is found. The subcritical instability is observed in the system of parametrically excited edge waves.