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Ajouté le 13/04/2021

Nous explorons différentes généralisations concernant les modèles de calcul naturel. La plus théorique est la notion de simulation entre modèles, pour laquelle nous décrivons une série de propositions de définition, en discutant des intérêts et des failles de chacune d’elles.

Ajouté le 13/04/2021

Molecular dynamics was used to study the inclusion of neutral and deprotonated aspirin into the β-cyclodextrin (β-CD) cavity. The molecular dynamic simulation allows following the time dependent behavior of the formation of the inclusion complex. For both complexes, we find a reasonable and a realistic pattern of the complexation. The calculations show a single pathway consisting of a no reversible binding process leading to the complexation of aspirin.

Ajouté le 12/04/2021

The development of photoinitiating systems activable in the visible and the nearinfrared region is an active research field. Compared to the traditional UV photopolymerization for which the light penetration into the photocurable resin remains limited, a significant enhancement of this latter can be obtained in the visible and the near infrared range so that the scope of applications of photopolymerization can be revolutionized.

Ajouté le 10/04/2021

We show that for the generic continuous maps of the interval and circle which preserve the Lebesgue measure it holds for each k ≥ 1 that the set of periodic points of period k is a Cantor set of Hausdorff dimension zero and of upper box dimension one.

Ajouté le 09/04/2021

In this paper we analyze how growing income/wealth inequality and the functional income distribution inequality have contributed to the sustained low potential growth observed in the industrialized economies during the last two decades, a period that includes the Great Recession (GR). Growing inequality may constitute a drawback for the recovery of these economies, especially after the Great Pandemic (GP).

Ajouté le 08/04/2021

This study is devoted to laboratory experiments on the coalescence of two lenticular anticyclones in a linearly stratified rotating fluid. These anticyclones are generated by injecting small volumes of fluid at the center of a rotating tank where a linearly stratified layer was previously prepared with salt.

Ajouté le 08/04/2021

Most cochlear implants (CIs) stimulate the auditory nerve with trains of symmetric biphasic pulses consisting of two phases of opposite polarity. Animal and human studies have shown that both polarities can elicit neural responses. In human CI listeners, studies have shown that at suprathreshold levels, the anodic phase is more effective than the cathodic phase. In contrast, animal studies usually show the opposite trend.

Ajouté le 08/04/2021

We study a recursive construction of self-orthogonal codes over E. We classify, up to permutation equivalence, self-orthogonal codes of length n and size 2 n (called here quasi self-dual codes or QSD) up to the length n = 12. In particular, we classify Type IV codes (QSD codes with even weights) up to n = 12.

Ajouté le 07/04/2021

Numerical schemes for the solution of the Euler equations have recently been developed, which involve the discretisation of the in- ternal energy equation, with corrective terms to ensure the correct cap- ture of shocks, and, more generally, the consistency in the Lax-Wendroff sense. These schemes may be staggered or colocated, using either struc- tured meshes or general simplicial or tetrahedral/hexahedral meshes.