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In this paper a methodology to model a GFRP adhesive connections by using an imperfect soft interface model is presented. The model based on Kachanov's theory considered a cracked thin adhesive. Within this framework, the mechanical properties and the initial damage (diffuse initial cracks) of the adhesive layer has been experimentally evaluated.

Ajouté le 01/07/2020

Frequency conversion is one of the main applications of nonlinear optical processes in which a signal is produced at a different wavelength from the excitation wavelength. In particular, four-wave mixing (FWM) is a third order nonlinear optical process that allows, for instance, the generation of visible frequencies by tuning near-infrared laser pumps.

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We prove a Central limit theorem for the capacity of the range of a symmetric random walk on Z 5 , under only a moment condition on the step distribution. The result is analogous to the central limit theorem for the size of the range in dimension three, obtained by Jain and Pruitt in 1971. In particular an atypical logarithmic correction appears in the scaling of the variance.

Ajouté le 26/06/2020

City size distributions are not strictly Pareto, but upper tails are rather Pareto like (i.e. tails are regularly varying). We examine the properties of the tail exponent estimator obtained from ordinary least squares (OLS) rank size regressions (Zipf regressions for short), the most popular empirical strategy among urban economists. The estimator is then biased towards Zipf's law in the leading class of distributions.

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This article analyzes the impacts of debt relief on production and pollution. We develop a two-country overlapping generations model with environmental externalities, public debts and perfect mobility of assets. Pollutant emissions arise from production, but agents may invest in pollution mitigation. Could debt relief be an efficient tool to encourage less developed countries to engage in the fight against climate change?

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Background: Compared to the number of studies performed in the United States, few studies have been conducted on the link between health insurance and healthcare consumption in Europe, likely because most European countries have compulsory national health insurance (NHI) or a national health service (NHS).

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Three Galerkin methods —continuous Galerkin (CG), Compact Discontinuous Galerkin (CDG) and Hybridizable Discontinuous Galerkin (HDG)— are compared in terms of performance and computational efficiency in two-dimensional scattering problems for low and high-order approximations. The total number of degrees of freedom and the total runtime are used for this correlation as well as the corresponding precision. The comparison is carried out through various numerical examples.

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Cette étude a pour objectif d’évaluer différents modes de financement de la couverture santé universelle au Sénégal. La méthode utilisée, la micro-simulation, permet d’examiner l’impact de différents scenarii sur les consommations des ménages ainsi que sur les dépenses publiques.