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Ajouté le 31/07/2019

The staircase transport regime reported in kinetic simulations of plasma turbulent transport in magnetic confinement is recovered with a simple 2D fluid model allowing for reduced damping of the zonal flows.

Ajouté le 30/07/2019

Les modes non linéaires (MNLs) d’une structure permettent une meilleure compréhension des phénomènes vibratoires non linéaires et peuvent être exploités pour calculer les réponses forcées d’un système. Les méthodes numériques associées s’avèrent généralement coûteuses, justifiant ainsi le développement de modèles réduits.

Ajouté le 29/07/2019

Based on the operator formalism that arises from the underlying SU(2) group structure, a formula is derived that provides a description of the generalized Hermite-Laguerre Gauss modes in terms of a Jones vector, traditionally used to describe polarization. This identity highlights the relation between these generalized Gaussian beams, the elliptical ray families, and the Majorana constellations used to represent structured-Gaussian beams.

Ajouté le 26/07/2019

I develop a model of strategic communication to study information aggregation in an alliance between multiple players. An alliance exhibits four features: i) imperfect private information among players; ii) substitutability in actions; iii) constraints on the action set; and iv) preference heterogeneity (biases). The main result of the paper derives conditions for full information aggregation within the alliance under a public communication protocol.

Ajouté le 26/07/2019

An informed and an uninformed agent both contribute to a joint coordination game such that their actions are substitutable and constrained. When agents are allowed to share information prior to the coordination stage, in the absence of commitment , there is full information revelation as long as constraints are not binding. The presence of binding constraints results in only partial revelation of information in equilibrium. The most informative equilibrium is strictly pareto dominant.

Ajouté le 27/07/2019

A l'ère du numérique, les données peuvent être collectées massivement, de manière collaborative et à moindre coût. Les sites de généalogie fleurissent sur Internet pour proposer à leurs utilisateurs de reconstituer en ligne leur arbre généalogique. Le travail de collecte et de saisie effectué par ces utilisateurs peut potentiellement être réutilisé en démographie historique pour compléter la connaissance du passé de nos ancêtres.

Ajouté le 26/07/2019

This paper documents the determinants of real oil price in the global market based on SVAR model embedding transitory and permanent shocks on oil demand and supply as well as speculative disturbances. We find evidence of significant differences in the propagation mechanisms of transitory versus permanent shocks, pointing to the importance of disentangling their distinct effects.

Ajouté le 26/07/2019

We report on an alternative route based on nanomechanical folding induced by AFM tip to obtain weakly interacting multi-layer graphene (wi-MLG) from a chemical vapor deposition (CVD) grown single-layer graphene (SLG). The tip first cuts, then pushes and folds graphene during zigzag movements. The pushed graphene has been analyzed using various Raman microscopy plots-A D /A G ×E L 4 vs  G ,  2D vs  2D ,  2D vs  G ,  2D+/-vs  2D+/-, and A 2D-/A 2D+ vs A 2D /A G.

Ajouté le 24/07/2019

Let $b > a > 0$. We prove the following asymptotic formula : \begin{equation*} \sum_{n\soe 0} \big\lvert\{x/(n+a)\}-\{x/(n+b)\}\big\rvert=\frac{2}{\pi}\zeta(3/2)\sqrt{cx}+O(c^{2/9}x^{4/9}),\\ \end{equation*} with $c=b-a$, uniformly for $x \soe 40 c^{-5}(1+b)^{27/2}$.