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Ajouté le 12/06/2020

The human Pin1 WW domain (hPin1_WW) is a 38 residue protein which specifically recognizes ligands rich in proline and phosphorylated in Ser and Thr residues. This work presents a protocol for the improved chemical synthesis and modification of this protein through automated microwave assisted synthesis combined with the incorporation of pseudoproline units in the protein sequence.

Ajouté le 13/06/2020

Since the founding theory established by G. Floquet more than a hundred years ago, computing the stability of periodic solutions has given rise to various numerical methods, mostly depending on the way the periodic solutions are themselves determined , either in the time domain or in the frequency domain.

Ajouté le 11/06/2020

The broad band UV photochemistry of acetylacetaldehyde, the hybrid form between malonaldehyde and acetylacetone (the two other most simple molecules exhibiting an intramolecular proton transfer), trapped in four cryogenic matrices, neon, nitrogen, argon, and xenon, has been studied by IRTF spectroscopy. These experimental results have been supported by B3LYP/6-311G++(2d,2p) calculations in order to get S0 minima together with their harmonic frequencies.

Ajouté le 11/06/2020

This paper addresses the problem of suppressing or attenuating time-frequency localized sources from audio signals, using only the knowledge of their time-frequency localization property. This problem, termed time-frequency fading, is formulated as a quadratic optimization problem in the signal domain, with data fidelity and penalization terms in the time-frequency plane.

Ajouté le 11/06/2020

This study examines how minimum wage laws affect the share of immigrants receiving welfare benefits. Minimum wage increases might have larger effects among low-skilled immigrants than among low-skilled natives because, on average, immigrants are less productive. We develop an analytical framework in which a government legislated minimum wage increase promotes a decrease in labor demand and an increase in the earned wage.

Ajouté le 10/06/2020

We consider an $N$ by $N$ real or complex generalized Wigner matrix $H_N$, whose entries are independent centered random variables with uniformly bounded moments. We assume that the variance profile, $s_{ij}:=\mathbb{E} |H_{ij}|^2$, satisfies $\sum_{i=1}^Ns_{ij}=1$, for all $1 \leq j \leq N$ and $c^{-1} \leq N s_{ij} \leq c$ for all $ 1 \leq i,j \leq N$ with some constant $c \geq 1$.

Ajouté le 28/05/2020

The results of experiments performed with a Ø25 x 25 mm solution-grown stilbene crystal in mono-energetic neutron fields in the 80-to-230 keV energy range are presented. The goal of the measurements, performed at the AMANDE facility, was to explore the capabilities of this organic scintillator to measure neutrons at the lowest possible energy with good pulse shape discrimination (PSD). The time of flight (TOF) technique was used in order to help with the neutron-gamma discrimination.

Ajouté le 29/05/2020

This study presents and compares two micromechanical modelings of a heterogeneous material: a threephase particulate composite material with two inclusion phases dispersed in a contiguous matrix. The phases have a linear viscoelastic behavior with swelling. First of all, the first approach is introduced: analytical model named MTI. Then the model-reduction approach is developed: NTFA model.

Ajouté le 27/05/2020

La tomographie de diffraction optique est une technique d’imagerie dans laquelle un objet est illuminé successivement par un faisceau laser sous différents angles d’incidence avec une méthode interférométrique qui permet d’enregistrer à la fois la phase et l’intensité du champ dans l’espace image d’un microscope. La permittivité de l’objet est alors reconstruite numériquement à partir du jeu de données des champs complexes à l’aide d’une méthode d’inversion.

Ajouté le 04/06/2020

An in-depth econometric analysis of US state-level data on an annual frequency, from 1976 to 2008, sheds new light on a plausible causal link between infrastructure investments, namely public spending on highways, and income inequality. This causal relationship is drawn out by using the number of seats in the US House of Representatives Committee on Appropriations (HRCA) as an instrument to identify quasi-random variations in state-level spending on highways.