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Ajouté le 20/10/2013

This paper presents a work in progress dealing with the sensorimotor relation between auditory perception and graphical movements. An experiment where subjects were asked to synchronize their gestures with synthetic friction sounds is presented. A first qualitative analysis enabled to evaluate the influence of different intrinsic sound parameters on the characteristics of the synchronized gesture.

Ajouté le 16/10/2013

Purpose: In the context of fluorescence diffuse optical tomography, determining the optimal way to exploit the time-resolved information has been receiving much attention and different features of the time-resolved signals have been introduced. In this paper, we revisit and generalize the notion of feature, considering the projection of the measurements onto some basis functions. This leads us to propose a novel approach based on the wavelet transform of the measurements.

Ajouté le 16/10/2013

Microstructured optical fibers (MOFs) are traditionally prepared using the stack and draw technique. In order to avoid the interfaces problems observed in chalcogenide glasses, we have developed a new casting method to prepare the chalcogenide preform. This method allows to reach optical losses around 0.4 dB/m at 1.55 µm and less than 0.05 dB/m in the mid IR.

Ajouté le 16/10/2013

The degree of polarization (DOP) is an important tool in many optical measurement and imaging applications. We address the problem of its estimation in images that are perturbed with both speckle and photon noises, by determining the Cramer-Rao Lower Bound (CRLB) when the illuminated materials are purely depolarizing. We demonstrate that the CRLB is simply the sum of the CRLBs due to speckle noise and to Poisson noise.

Ajouté le 15/10/2013

Flow separation is a common feature in wall-bounded flow, where it is generally induced by an adverse pressure gradient. Here we reconsider a bump-type geometry which has been used in previous numerical investigations of the stability of the laminar recirculation bubble for incompressible flow. It has been shown for low Reynolds number that the first bifurcation of the 2D stationnary flow is characterized by a zero-frequency 3D instability mode.

Ajouté le 18/05/2014

In this paper, we investigate a numerical scheme for solving a diphasic Cahn-Hilliard model with dynamic boundary conditions. We propose a finite volume method for the space discretization and we prove existence and convergence results. We also present numerical simulations to show the influence of these boundary conditions.

Ajouté le 14/10/2013

The accurate prediction of high pressure phase equilibria is crucial for the development and the design of chemical engineering processes. Among them the modeling of complex systems, such as petroleum fluids with water, has become more and more important with the exploitation of reservoirs in extreme conditions. The aim of this work is to explore the capability of the NRTL-PR model to predict the solubility of solid polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in water.

Ajouté le 11/10/2013

Cet article est consacré à l'oeuvre mathématique de Gérard Rauzy. This paper is devoted to the mathematic work of the french mathematician G. Rauzy

Ajouté le 11/10/2013

We study the focusing of a Gaussian laser beam in a microscopic planar cavity when the laser wavelength is resonant in the cavity but the beam divergence is larger than the acceptance angle of the cavity.

Ajouté le 10/10/2013

In this overview we show by examples, how to associate certain sequences in the higher-dimensional unit cube to suitable dynamical systems. We present methods and notions from ergodic theory that serve as tools for the study of low-discrepancy sequences and discuss an important technique, cutting- and-stacking of intervals.