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Ajouté le 21/05/2022

When a physical signal is received and used, it is most of the time noisy and not smooth. In order to manipulate it digitally, it is necessary to convert it into a smooth signal, or regularize it. A classical ways to do so is to convolve the signal with a Gaussian of fixed variance, which determines the scale at which the signal can be considered smooth. In many situations, signals are not uniformly noisy, and some parts show important local defects, while the global signal is acceptable.

Ajouté le 18/05/2022

A compressible Hybrid Lattice Boltzmann Method solver is used to perform a wall-resolved Large eddy simulation of an isothermal axisymmetric jet issuing from a pipe and impinging on a heated flat plate at a Reynolds number of 23 000, a Mach number of 0.1, and an impingement distance of two jet diameters. The jet flow field statistics, Nusselt number profile (including the secondary peak), and shear stress profile were well reproduced.

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