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Ajouté le 21/09/2018

In this paper, we propose a statistical methodology to test whether the texture of an image is isotropic or not. This methodology is based on the well-known quadratic variations defined as averages of square image increments. Specific to our approach, these variations are computed in different directions using grid-preserving image rotations.

Ajouté le 20/09/2018

We consider a Glauber dynamics associated with the Ising model on a large two-dimensional box with with minus boundary conditions and in the limit of a vanishing positive external magnetic field. The volume of this box increases quadratically in the inverse of the magnetic field.

Ajouté le 18/09/2018

The numerical resolution of the Compressible Two-Layer model proposed in [Demay & Hérard, CMAT 2017] is addressed in this work with the aim of simulating mixed flows and entrapped air pockets in pipes. This five-equation model provides a unified two-phase description of such flows which involve transitions between stratified regimes (air-water herein) and pressurized or dry regimes (pipe full of water or air).