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Ajouté le 03/04/2020

We investigate how potential tax-driven migrations modify the Mirrlees income tax schedule when two countries play Nash. The social objective is the maximin and preferences are quasi-linear in consumption. Individuals differ both in skills and migration costs, which are continuously distributed. We derive the optimal marginal income tax rates at the equilibrium, extending the Diamond-Saez formula.

Ajouté le 03/04/2020

The present paper presents a laboratory experiment of rip current circulations over a moveable bed. The rip current characteristics over four distinct beach morphologies, exhibiting more or less developed nature-like bar-rip morphology,were investigated. For each video run, the same off shore shore-normal waves were generated by the wave maker with the same mean water level in order to study the sensitivity of the rip current characteristics as a function of the beach morphology only.

Ajouté le 02/04/2020

In this study, the focus is made on interferometry endpoint detection for Shallow Trench Isolation (STI) Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) process done on the first platen of the tool for a three platen-polishing configuration. The interferometry principle is based on light interferences produced by thin transparent and semi-transparent layers. Thus the removed thickness can be correlated to the intensity measured over time.

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Published on 16 Mars 2020

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