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Ajouté le 26/02/2021

There are two well-known formulations of the wave drift force: the "far-field method", based on momentum considerations, introduced by Maruo (1960) and later extended by Newman (1967), and the "near-field method", based on direct pressure integration and first proposed by Pinkster & Van Oortmerssen (1977).

Ajouté le 27/02/2021

An experimental campaign is reported on the wave response of a rectangular barge supporting two rectangular tanks partly filled with water. Flat and chamfered tank roofs are successively tested, at varying heights above the free surfaces inside the tanks. The tests are carried out in irregular wave systems coming from abeam. The measured barge roll and sloshing motions in the tanks are compared with numerical results from a linearized potential flow model.

Ajouté le 26/02/2021

This study investigates U.S. churches' response to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic by looking at their public Facebook posts. For religious organizations, in-person gatherings are at the heart of their activities. Yet religious in-person gatherings have been identified as some of the early hot spots of the pandemic, but there has also been controversy over the legitimacy of public restrictions on such gatherings.

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Published on 16 Mars 2020

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