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Ajouté le 26/09/2021

Microtubules (MTs) are protein filaments found in all eukaryotic cells which are crucial for many cellular processes including cell movement, cell differentiation, and cell division, making them a key target for anti-cancer treatment. In particular, it has been shown that at low dose, MT targeted agents (MTAs) may induce an anti-migratory effect on cancer and endothelial cells, leading to new prospects in cancer therapy.

Ajouté le 26/09/2021

While cells typically tend to spread their cytoplasm in a flat and thin lamellipodium when moving on a flat substrate, it is widely observed that the cytoplasm has a compact shape in micro-channels, tending to fulfill the cross-section of the microchannel. We propose a minimal mathematical model for a 2D test case which describes the cell lamellipodium deformations when confined in a channel.

Ajouté le 25/09/2021

We introduce a new non-overlapping optimized Schwarz method for fully anisotropic diffusion problems. Optimized Schwarz methods take into account the underlying physical properties of the problem at hand in the transmission conditions, and are thus ideally suited for solving anisotropic diffusion problems.

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Published on 16 Mars 2020

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