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Ajouté le 24/05/2019

The group velocity of 'space-time' wave packets-propagation-invariant pulsed beams endowed with tight spatio-temporal spectral correlations-can take on arbitrary values in free space. Here we investigate theoretically and experimentally the maximum achievable group delay that realistic finite-energy space-time wave packets can achieve with respect to a reference pulse traveling at the speed of light.

Ajouté le 24/05/2019

This paper provides a practical connection between the Strehl ratio as an optical performance metric and manufacturing parameters for diamond machined optics. The choice of fabrication parameters impacts residual mid-spatial frequency groove structures over the part's surface, which reduce optical performance. Connections between the Strehl ratio and the fabrication parameters are studied using rigorous Rayleigh-Sommerfeld simulations for a sample optical system.