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Ajouté le 09/12/2022

Background: Cooperation between general practitioners (GPs) and other healthcare professionals appears to help reduce the risk of polypharmacy-related adverse events in patients with multimorbidity. Objectives: To investigate GPs profiles according to their opinions and attitudes about interprofessional cooperation and to study the association between these profiles and GPs’ characteristics.

Ajouté le 09/12/2022

How to allocate limited resources among children is a crucial household decision, especially in developing countries where it might have strong implications for children and family survival. We provide the first systematic study linking variations in parental income in the early life of children to subsequent child health and parental investments across siblings in developing countries, using data from multiple waves of the Demographic and Health Surveys spanning 54 countries.

Ajouté le 09/12/2022

In the context of fuel-cladding interaction modelling in fast nuclear reactors, a multiphysics cohesive zone model of an adhesive interface with damage is proposed in this work. For the moment, only traction/compression behaviour can be described with this model. The effects of temperature, mechanical state, damage and chemical reactions are incorporated in adhesive links modelling. Thermal conductivity is affected by damage.

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