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Ajouté le 17/10/2018

We consider a general equilibrium model where individuals are at the same time workers, consumers and shareholders, with two possible ownership structures: egalitarian where all individuals share equally the firm's (firms') capital and concentrated where the owners of the firm(s) are negligible w.r.t the total population; and two possible market structures: Monopoly and Duopoly.

Ajouté le 17/10/2018

The increase in huge number of genomic sequences in recent years has contributed to various genetic events such as horizontal gene transfer (HGT), gene duplication and hybridization of species. Among them HGT has played an important role in the genome evolution and was believed to occur only in Bacterial and Archaeal genomes.

Ajouté le 16/10/2018

In this work, we study the minimal time to steer a given crowd to a desired configuration. The control is a vector field, representing a perturbation of the crowd velocity, localized on a fixed control set. We give a characterization of the minimal time both for microscopic and macroscopic descriptions of a crowd.