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Ajouté le 26/02/2020

Secret sharing is one of the most important cryptographic protocols. Secret sharing schemes (SSS) have been created to that end. This protocol requires a dealer and several participants. The dealer divides the secret into several pieces (the shares), and one share is given to each participant. The secret can be recovered once a subset of the participants (a coalition) shares their information.

Ajouté le 26/02/2020

Motived by recent ground-based and microgravity experiments investigating the interfacial dynamics of a volatile liquid (FC-72, P r = 12.34) contained in a heated cylindrical cell, we numerically study the thermocapillary-driven flow in such an evaporating liquid layer. Particular attention is given to the prediction of the transition of the axisymmetric flow to fully three-dimensional patterns when the applied temperature increases.

Ajouté le 26/02/2020

In gyrokinetic simulations of turbulent impurity transport, trace impurity species are often treated as passive species, in the sense that they are not included in Maxwell equations. This is consistent with the assumption that impurities with low enough concentrations are impacted by turbulence generated by electrons and main ions, but do not impact it significantly in return.

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