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Ajouté le 07/02/2020

In a similar way to the stock market, the housing market in China has often been portrayed as highly speculative, giving rise to “bubble” concerns. Over the last decade, residential prices increased every year on average by double digits in Beijing or Shanghai. However many observers and researchers argue that fundamentals of the housing sector, both sector-specific and macroeconomic, may have been the driving force behind housing price volatility.

Ajouté le 05/02/2020

This work showcases a method to map the full deformation tensor in a single micro-sized crystal. It is shown that measuring the position of two Bragg reflections in reciprocal space is sufficient to obtain the full deformation tensor, if the condition of incompressibility of the material is imposed. This method is used to reveal the surface tension induced deformation at the edges of an as-grown single-crystal VO 2 microwire.

Ajouté le 05/02/2020

We explore how the capacity of farm households to reach efficiency and share information on production is related to their consumption decision-making process. West African farm households often cultivate several plots, and there is extensive evidence of allocative inefficiencies (Udry, 1996). We design an experiment with Togolese cotton producers, contextualized as an input allocation game, and build a model based on its findings.

Ajouté le 04/02/2020

The regioselective insertion of DDQ into a C-H bond of the 6π + 6π electron zwitterionic benzoquinonemonoimines 4a-c results in the formation of the novel chiral C-substituted quinoid ligands 11a-c. These Michael adducts feature a preserved zwitterionic form and a quaternary stereogenic carbon center as evidenced by the single crystal X-ray structure of the derivative 11a.

Ajouté le 05/02/2020

Isoprene, the main volatile released by plants, is known to protect the photosynthetic apparatus in isoprene emitters submitted to oxidative pressures caused by environmental constraints. Whether ambient isoprene contributes to protect negligible plant emitters under abiotic stress conditions is less clear, and no study has tested if ambient isoprene is beneficial during drought periods in plant species that naturally release negligible isoprene emissions.

Ajouté le 05/02/2020

Polarimetric HPLC detector was used to acquire chromatograms for lavender/lavandin essentials oils (EOs) on different chiral stationary phases. Amylose tris-(3,5-dichloro-phenylcarbamate) immobilized on silica allowed the best separation of the numerous chiral phytomarkers and was thus used to obtain a chiropti- cal fingerprint for 158 samples of French lavender/lavandin EOs.

Ajouté le 05/02/2020

3D optimal forcing and response of a 2D supersonic boundary layer are obtained by computing the largest singular value and the associated singular vectors of the global resolvent matrix. This approach allows to take into account both convective-type and component-type non-normalities responsible for the non-modal growth of perturbations in noise selective amplifier flows. It is moreover a fully non-parallel approach that does not require any particular assumptions on the baseflow.

Ajouté le 03/02/2020

Near-infrared (NIR) azacalixphyrins bearing aryl substituents strongly impacting the physico-chemical properties of the macrocycles were designed, enabling hyperchromic and bathochromic shifts of the absorption compared to their N-alkylated analogues. This engineering enhances the photoacoustic response under NIR excitation, making azacalixphyrins promising organic contrast agents that reach the 800–1000 nm range.

Ajouté le 01/02/2020

We present here the discretization by a finite-volume scheme of a heat equation perturbed by a multiplicative noise of Itô type and under homogeneous Neumann boundary conditions. The idea is to adapt well-known methods in the de-terministic case for the approximation of parabolic problems to our stochastic PDE. In this paper, we try to highlight difficulties brought by the stochastic perturbation in the adaptation of these deterministic tools.